Pulldown Menu item separator?

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 17:43:13 EST 2006

> For a pull down menu I have the following text:
> Cu&t/X
> &Copy/C
> &Paste/V
> &Undo/Z
> -
> &Word Wrap/W
> But Word Wrap is lost when the menu is shown on the OSX Menu Bar.  I
> assume that I'm using the wrong character for the separator after undo.
> What is the correct way to set a separator in the menu?

I'm guessing that this is the Edit menu? On OS X, Rev does some
cunning things to fit in with OS X's standard menu structure. The last
line of the Edit menu should always be Preferences (even if you don't
need it). The second last line should be a separator. Rev takes the
last 2 lines, deletes them and applies any script for the Preferences
menu item to the normal OS X preferences item in the application menu.

So your menu should look like this:
&Word Wrap/W

In Rev 2.6, go to the Help menu -> Topics -> Menus & the menu bar.
This gives a detailed explanation of the OS X menu oddities.


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