Rev, Rev List, Constellation.... Thanks :-)

Jerry Daniels jerry at
Wed Feb 15 15:11:38 EST 2006

Garrett, you're entirely welcome. Glad you're gettin' it done!


Jerry Daniels

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On Feb 15, 2006, at 1:26 PM, Garrett Hylltun wrote:

> I just wanted to thank Jerry and all his cohorts in Rev Crimes for  
> Constellation, and I wanted to thank Rev and all the Rev users on  
> this list.
> The latest version of Constellation has allowed me to be so much  
> more productive than before.  Just yesterday alone I must have put  
> 14 plus hours in and actually pumped out a lot of code (give or  
> take a 4 hour break playing "Ages of Empires II" - LOOK MA, I RULE  
> Prior to yesterday, the amount of code equivalent would have taken  
> me days, maybe even up to a week.
> Had it not been for the quick and precis answers by people on this  
> list and the latest version of Constellation, I probably would have  
> given up again.  But instead, I nearly have a complete and fully  
> functioning program that either would have taken me another week or  
> two, or maybe never completed at all.
> Anyway, Thanks Jerry et. al., thanks Rev list....  But I'm still  
> mad at Runtime for their mean update/upgrade policy!  :-(  (I won't  
> work for food, but I would surely be open to working for a update/ 
> upgrade to Rev if anyone needs any work done... Graphics, Web  
> design, Program Interface Design.)
> -Garrett

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