Rev, Rev List, Constellation.... Thanks :-)

Garrett Hylltun garrett at
Wed Feb 15 14:26:18 EST 2006

I just wanted to thank Jerry and all his cohorts in Rev Crimes for  
Constellation, and I wanted to thank Rev and all the Rev users on  
this list.

The latest version of Constellation has allowed me to be so much more  
productive than before.  Just yesterday alone I must have put 14 plus  
hours in and actually pumped out a lot of code (give or take a 4 hour  
break playing "Ages of Empires II" - LOOK MA, I RULE THE WORLD!).

Prior to yesterday, the amount of code equivalent would have taken me  
days, maybe even up to a week.

Had it not been for the quick and precis answers by people on this  
list and the latest version of Constellation, I probably would have  
given up again.  But instead, I nearly have a complete and fully  
functioning program that either would have taken me another week or  
two, or maybe never completed at all.

Anyway, Thanks Jerry et. al., thanks Rev list....  But I'm still mad  
at Runtime for their mean update/upgrade policy!  :-(  (I won't work  
for food, but I would surely be open to working for a update/upgrade  
to Rev if anyone needs any work done... Graphics, Web design, Program  
Interface Design.)


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