Please clarify incompatibility re 2.7

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue Feb 14 22:01:39 EST 2006

Mark Wieder wrote:
> Jacque-
>>Stacks saved in version 2.7 will no longer open in version 2.6.1 or
>>earlier. You will get an error that the stack is corrupted. They will
>>still open fine in 2.7.
> And interestingly, plugins that have been saved with 2.7 don't even
> show up in the plugins list in 2.6.1.

I guess I'm not surprised. The file header has changed, and that's what 
the engine uses to identify a file as a "stack". So 2.6.x doesn't see 
the new stacks, though 2.7 recognizes both.

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