Please clarify incompatibility re 2.7

Peter T. Evensen pevensen at
Tue Feb 14 17:23:18 EST 2006

Stacks saved with 2.7 will not open on anything prior to 2.7.

Jacque was referring to an undocumented way of forcing 2.7 to save stacks 
in the old format.  The issue is any new properties introduced in 2.7, like 
the antiAliased property of a graphic, would be lost doing so.

At 03:49 PM 2/14/2006, you wrote:
>Jacque's previous message regarding incompatible stack formats worries me. 
>It's probably no big deal, but, better safe than sorry.
>If I have been running my stacks without problem on version 2.6.1, in 
>Macintosh OS X, and I now upgrade to 2.7, what kind of problems, if any, 
>will I have if I need to use the Mac OS X Rev version 2.6.1 again, for 
>some reason?
>Actually, I'm talking about Dreamcard, not RR.
>Yes, I am extensively backed up, but I'm continually adding new data to my 
>stacks. Backups soon become obsolete and data loss costs me plenty money.
>I use DC version 2.6 for for Macintosh OS 9.2 occasionally, and would like 
>to keep on doing it. If I upgrade to 2.7 for Macinotsh OS X, will I 
>deprive myself of the opportunity to run those stacks on Rev version 2.6 
>for Macintosh OS 9.2?
>AFAIK, 2.7 isn't ready for Mac OS 9.2. I guess 2.6.1 might be the end of 
>the line for that platform.

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