Rev RUMORS!!! The explanation...

Jonathan Kotthoff jonkotthoff at
Mon Feb 13 23:31:05 CST 2006

Ladies and gentlemen...

It is truly with saddened heart that I see the controversy I have caused...Please, understand that I am a rabid Apple developer (not an employ but work on some very cool projects within the market). I typically use Webobjects and Java for development, but Rev has become something of an intriguing experiment for me the last 2 years.

With that as background, I want to explain that all I did to get my "rumors" was just go to a link I had at went to the 404 page not found. All the info I needed was in their. I assumed that since so many users of Rev use macs they would appreciate the toungue in cheek poke at the Apple Mac culture and the rumor sites that go on there...

I directly apologize to any who I have offended and to the Rev team if they were bothered as this was meant purely as a joke and since the data was publicly available, I saw no harm.

I would have posted this earlier but I was busy working today on projects that pay for my license of Rev.

Thanks and grace is appreciated ;)

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