Stack file format change in 2.7 - BACK UP!

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue Feb 14 00:10:42 EST 2006

I wrote:
> Just a word of warning. The stack file format in 2.7 has changed. Be 
> aware that any stacks you save in 2.7 will not open again in earlier 
> versions. Make backups if you plan to work on stacks later with older 
> engines.
> This behavior is marginally documented in the What's New file, but 
> doesn't spell out the consequences.

Before I panic everyone on the list for the second time today, there's a 
way to back out of this change and make the stack 2.4 compatible again, 
but you'll lose any 2.7 features if you do it. The info was not included 
in the What's New file, so I'm not sure if it's okay to post it here. To 
be safe, just plan on working on duplicates.

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