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Mon Feb 13 21:36:37 EST 2006

kee nethery wrote:

> To use the house analogy, the homeowner gave me instructions on how  to 
> get into his house and get stuff I was supposed to be able to get.  I 
> followed the homeowner's instructions and saw things that perhaps  the 
> homeowner might not want me to see, but since I was following the  
> homeowner's instructions, I figured the news was public knowledge.  All 
> this fuss could have been avoided if the homeowner had locked the  door 
> that I had been told to use.
> I do not see Richmond as a villain in this situation.  

Okay, I see your point and I have been corrected in email too. When I 
posted I didn't realize how easy it was to gain access to the site. I 
apologize to Richmond for calling him unethical. Maybe he was just 

But just to extend the analogy, suppose I arrived at the home and found 
the door lock broken with a sign over it "Please knock". Suppose I went 
in anyway and accidentally saw the homeowner engaged in a private 
activity. I hope I would back out quietly, and resist the impulse to 
grab my videocamera.

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