Contrib to old topics - why isn't Rev more popular?

Ken Apthorpe ken.apthorpe at
Mon Feb 13 19:20:11 EST 2006

The issue I was trying to focus on is popularity, not code efficiency.  To
put it another way, RR's market share. As Richard Gaskin points out,
productivity is a major factor (for newbies also).

As you asked, I have no background in Hypercard, Metacard, Supercard or any
programming.  I've used GoLive, learnt some html, css and javascript by
using the code view.  I've been using an app called Norpath Studio, which is
good for those like me.  It builds Java apps but has some serious drawbacks
for what I now want to do.

I don't find programming fun, not interested in designing some useful neat
app with beautiful code. I'm interested in designing my content. The only
reason I'm here is I think RR might be a better tool. I have some nice
powertools, but I'm not interested in re-designing them so they use less
electricity. If I can't see the prospect of even modest productivity with RR
by the time my trial expires I'll be thinking very hard about buying the

All I suggest is that if RR or anyone else is interested in improving
documentation for new users, they consult new users, because experts have
long lost the newbie perspective.  What you "don't even think about any
more" is what trips us up. Companies like Adobe figured this out, which is
why they dominate their market.

Thanks for the tip about the scripting conference stacks, and to J. Landman
Gay for a much clearer explanation of menuPick.  Now that the Rev site is
back up, I can do some more ferreting.

Ken Apthorpe

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