import song to itunes from within Rev

Thomas McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Sun Feb 12 23:51:13 EST 2006

Hello listeroos,

I need to figure out how to import a song via script into iTunes from  
with in Rev. I assume the best approach is to use AppleScript and I  
can't figure it out, yet. I was also thinking there might be a way to  
do it straight in Rev.

I think I am stuck on the filepaths in AS and the use of "as alias"  
and or " as string".

My other commands are AS in Rev and work fine.

Here is my AS script in a field in Rev:
tell application "Finder" to set thisitem to "Macintosh HD/Users/ 
mcgrath3/Desktop/this will bw the day that i die.mp3" as alias
tell application "iTunes"
add thisitem
end tell
end try

I thought that "add" would do it and then I could copy it to my  
playlist but it does not show up in the main library in iTunes. This  
does not generate any complie or execution errors at all yet does not  
work. (unless a refresh is needed ???? hhmm)



Thomas J McGrath III
3mcgrath at

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