[OT] A Fair Owersettan o Ma Blaud

Mathewson richmond at mail.maclaunch.com
Sun Feb 12 16:06:48 EST 2006


Sunday afternoon - fair forjeskit wi raxen up a peerie RR
stack caad "IN" fae ma 5-8 bairns learnen Sudron: ye'll
ken: "Put the red crayon IN the blue box" - repetive
programmen o this sairt is mair a DRAG than a DROP - but it
brangs the siller fae the loaf.

Sunday afternoon - fairly f***ed-off with running up a
small RR stack called "IN" for my 5-8 yeard-olds learning
English: you will understand: "put the red crayon IN the
blue box" - repetive programming of this sort is more a
DRAG than a DROP - but it pays for the food.

So, shoogle ower tae the PC thats connected tae the
innernet tae tak a glisk at sic things that will tak tent o
ma unco unmensefu (ae, mair fou than mensefu richt nou):

So, I wander over to the PC that is connected to the
internet to have a look at such things that take the fancy
of my defocussedness (Yes, more raving bonkers than
switched-right-on-topic just now):

And, the Runtime Revolution website is doon, wi a sonsie
message anent 'upgradin' - so Ah ken thats 2.7 comin in

And, the Runtime Revolution website is down, with a cheeky
message refering to 'upgrading' - so I understand that 2.7
is on its way right now.

Ah was juist that forejeskit both i the forenoon and eftir
that ma ain leid tak ower the reins o ma hert! An Ahm no
gae fond o the deils vocables mesen.

I was so f***ed-off this morning and following that my own
language reinstated itself. I am not that fond of the
Devil's talk myself. (And, if you are wondering about that
note that in Robert Lorimer's translation of the New
Testament into Scots, the Devil does not speak Scots.).

Now, much more to the point:

My sneaky-ppek suggested that RR 2.7 will not just be "2.6
with a few twiddly bits glued on" but a major leap: with a
selection between a "Media" version and something else.

Love, Richmond
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