deleting multiple controls all at once

MisterX b.xavier at
Sun Feb 12 07:35:52 EST 2006


your loop works faster IF the number of controls < the number of "thing"

otherwise it will take longuer.

what's needed here is a control

create all your controls in a  group "things".

Then it's easier to delete group n controls in a group than among other

repeat while there is a contorl 1 of grp "things"
  delete control 1 of group "things"
end repeat

or even better

delete group "things"


> If 300 isn't a meaningful number for your app, then you can 
> do without it:
> repeat with n = number of controls down to 1
>   if char 1 to 6 of the short name of control n is "thing." then
>     delete control n
>   end if
> end repeat
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