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On 2/9/06 9:15 AM, "Ken Ray" <kray at> wrote:

>>> You can use revcreatexmltree, and just tell it to not build the dom
>>> tree/or keep the document in memory, and handle the messages.
>>> revCreateXMLTree(field "XML Data",true,false,true)
>> But won't that still choke on something as big as 100MB?
> If I read it correctly, the answer is "no" - basically, with "true" as the
> last param, you're telling the DLL to send you a message when it's about to
> start parsing the tree, when it encounters each node (so you can extract
> attributes from the node) and when it encounters data for the node. So you
> write your own code to work with the XML data as it's being parsed...

So it sounds like a SAX in fact. Right ?

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