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Todd Geist tg.lists at
Wed Feb 8 10:50:10 EST 2006

Hello Everyone.

I have some very large XML files ( 100mb or more) that I would to  
parse. And this thing has to be fast.  I mean FAST. Since I have done  
almost no work with rev and XML, I am looking for advice on how to  

The user experience needs to be some thing like this...

I select the XML and very quickly I see the info about the top level  

I select one of the top level nodes and I am very quickly presented  
with more detail on it. Which may include all of it's children and  
also information from other parts of the XML document that is related.

I continue to work my way around the document, by simple selecting  
the elements that I need more info on.

At no point will a user ever need to see all the data that is in the  
XML doc.  They are almost always looking for info on just one element  
buried in there.  What I don't know is if the user is just walking  
around the xml document one piece at a time, do I need to load the  
whole thing into RAM in a revXMLTree, and If I do, won't that just be  
insane for 100mb xml file.  Or can I do it one step at a time as the  
user requests more detailed info.

Can Valentina or SQLlite be employed to help the situation?

Or would it be faster to parse it into a whole slew of custom props?

Any ideas and or thoughts would be much appreciated




Todd Geist
g e i s t   i n t e r a c t i v e

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