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Wed Feb 8 10:30:08 EST 2006


The recent post on PayPal inspired me to ask this question.

I am working with a VB developer on a project which we are bring to  
the mac using RealBasic (not by choice, by necessity).  We were able  
to reach an agreement very quickly on revenue sharing because of some  
thing that eSellerate offers, called "split payments".

Each Item that we sell through esellerate is automatically split to  
as many individuals as we want, based on a formula that we can set.   
There is absolutely zero work on our end once the system is in  
place.  At the end of each month, a check sent to each of us.  Since  
esellerate is a 3rd party to the deal there are absolutely NO worries  
around who is collecting the money and who is distributing it.  It is  
simply done. This level of comfort made it easy for each of to agree  
to the plan and get the gosh damn thing built. With the money issue  
solved it was a no brainer.

I would love to see something similar in the Rev world.  it would be  
great to have a way to sell something built with rev and have the  
revenue split between the developers at the time of the sale.

It feels to me like there could be a lot more collaboration and  
productivity if the roadblock of distributing revenue were out of the  
way.  All of you brilliant Revolutionaries out there could form quick  
alliances to produce a product and split the revenue.  The agreement  
does not have to go deeper then the percentages of sales.  You don't  
need to form new business entities, or reach complex partnership  

OF course, larger more expensive projects might not work well in this  
scenario, but smaller quick hit stuff would be perfect. In todays  
fast paced business world, opportunities don't stay around very long,  
you need to act quickly.

So on to my question...

What do people think...  Can this be done for Rev with PayPal or Kagi  
or esellerate?

esellerate does have C SDK that could be used to build a external.

Or could Thomas's PayPal method be adapted to split the revenue to  
multiple pay pal accounts?

Or what about Kagi???

Any ideas?  Any takers?




Todd Geist
g e i s t   i n t e r a c t i v e


Todd Geist
g e i s t   i n t e r a c t i v e

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