Comparing two versions of a RunRev app

André.Bisseret Andre.Bisseret at
Wed Feb 8 04:55:28 EST 2006

Hi Éric,
I  have exactly the same problem as Graham's.
I just tried this morning on Mac :
I duplicated Rev. (I obtained a  "Revolution copie")
Then, opened two versions of my app. each with one different Rev  
instance. But,  I get the message "A stack with the same name is  
already etc. etc...." with "SAVE, PURGE or CANCEL. So I can't open the  
two versions of my app. simultaneously :-((

Where is my mystake ?
thank you in advance

Best regards from Grenoble

Le Sunday, 5 Feb 2006, à 20:59 Europe/Paris, Eric Chatonet a écrit :

> Hi Graham,
> Instead of renaming anything, I'm used to open two different instances  
> of Rev.
> That's all :-)
> Easy on Windows and just a clone in your app folder with Mac OS.
> Le 5 févr. 06 à 20:56, graham samuel a écrit :
>> Given the well-known limitation of RR in that stack names are not  
>> fully scoped but have to be unique within the whole IDE, how would I  
>> set about comparing two versions of an app containing a mainstack and  
>> several substacks? My main idea would be to compare versions of  
>> scripts, but I'd also like to do a visual comparison of cards etc. To  
>> clarify the idea, suppose I have a stack and substacks like
>> MyMainStack
>>   MySubstack1
>>   MySubstack2
>>   ...
>>   MySubstackn
>> and I have two .rev files, each with a different version of the app,  
>> say the latest, which has shown itself to be a bit flaky, and an  
>> older one, which was stable but lacked certain functionality. I want  
>> to look at the differences between the two, and maybe transfer some  
>> code or controls from one to the other. To effect ANY comparison, I  
>> want to have two versions of each stack and substack in the machine  
>> at the same time, but this isn't possible.
>> Has anyone any suggestions about how to do the comparisons?
> Best Regards from Paris,
> Eric Chatonet
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