Ask does not wait for an answer

Martin Blackman martinblackman at
Wed Feb 8 02:30:58 EST 2006

Your script seems to work fine here for me
Is there another handler that might be interfering?
Is "ship date 1" the same field that is receiving the closefield ? I assumed

On 08/02/06, simplsol at <simplsol at> wrote:
> I hope there is a simple answer to this. I have the following code in a
> field:
> on closeField
> if fld "Ship Date 1" is empty
> then
> ask "Enter a date for this shipment:" with the short date
> if the result is "Cancel" then exit closeField
> put it into fld "Ship Date 1"
> end if
> end closeField
> If I step through it in the debugger, it works as expected.
> If I trigger it by closing the field, it will show the Ask dialog box,
> and, as it does so, it will put:
> ask plainEnter a date for this shipment:2/7/6
> into field "Ship Date 1" - without waiting for either the OK or Cancel
> buttons being clicked in the Ask dialog.
> I have written this several different way (different if/then
> constructions, etc.) nothing seems to work, and I can't debug it
> because it works perfectly in the debugger.
> I appreciate you help.
> Paul Looney
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