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One way that works in all Win software is to hold down the Alt key while typing a 4-digit number on the numeric keypad. So Alt+0232 = è and Alt+0224 = à. To find the numbers, go the the Start button, choose Programs | Accessories | System Tools and open up the Character Map application. You'll see a grid of characters, click the one you want and either insert it from there or look in the bottom-right corner of that window for the Alt code to use. Strange but true!

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      HI ALL,

 Can anyone tell me how to get a PC to accommodate the input of a
 grave accent?  (Or any accent for that matter) The Mac only required
 hitting the option key followed by the grave accent (above the tab
 key) then the vowel.  As in the Italian "parlò" .  This sequence
 doesn't work on PC's.  there must be a way to put accent marks over
 vowels on PCs. What do our European friends do?   My PC version of my
 italian application doesn't admit accents in the input windows.  Arg!



 PS. Maybe Eric Chatonet from Paris can help.  He seems to be willing
 and able to help so many people.  Thanks, Eric!

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