How to save data from standalone?

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Mon Feb 6 17:52:20 EST 2006


What is 'massive' in your definition? 1 Mb, 2 Mb, 20 Mb?

put cr&"<header>"&the seconds & "</header>"&cr & \
theDataBlockToBeWritten & \
after url ("file:/HD/User/Documents/thisAppFolder/dataForMe.txt")

would separate the data by time written.

Of course the URL could be an ftp server, if that would help.

Is the data formatted or tagged?
Is the data sentences/paragraphs, or short lines/phrases?
Are you reading and writing to disk, or just writing?

> 1. I thought I had read on this list that custom properties were
> saved in standalone format
The custom properties are saved in the RAM version of the standalone, but
are not written to disk.  Data could be stored in custom properties and
written/sent/memorized before quitting the app.  A single write operation is
actually quite fast.  Filtering is very fast.

Hope this helps.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On 2/6/06 1:54 PM, "Marielle Lange" <mlange at> wrote:

>>> 1. I thought I had read on this list that custom properties were
>>> saved in standalone format that there was no need to create a splash
>>> screen to handle this. What did I get wrong?
>> If you need to save data changes then you need
>> separate substacks; or create a splashscreen and use your mainstack as
>> a separate substack of it.
> But with multiple users, the data of one user gets overwritten by the
> data of another one, no? Sarah's trick of storing the data within the
> package content or some directory presents the same problem if I
> understand correctly, doesn't it? Overwriting the data of one user
> with the ones of another will be a real problem. I am not storing
> preferences, I am storing actual data.
> I tried to talk some experienced (non revolution) programmer about
> the file in the package solution. I was told to keep away from that.
> Using pathToUsersDocumentsFolder would therefore be a better
> approach, but I don't really want to create a file within this folder
> as the file is in a completely adhoc format that would puzzle anybody
> who come across it.
> Eric's solution is the best one, but I have a long list of data to
> save. I did consider it. The problem is that it's is not really
> appropriate to store that amount of data in a preferences file. They
> are not preferences, they are data.
> Has anybody ever tried the     User/Library/Application Support
> way? Is there any problem associated with this solution? What's the
> equivalent on a PC? I am not after a quick fix but after a "clean"
> way to do this (compliant with developer's recommendations). I can
> find this info for a mac, but I know little about PCs.
> Thanks for your help,
> Marielle

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