Newby questions: Using a table field as a spreadsheet

Ben Bock benbock at
Sun Feb 5 15:59:19 EST 2006

1) My application is a standalone that administers a series of "quizzes".  Data will be invisibly stored in a separate stack or file.  User does not see results.  I would like to use a table field that will be located in a separate data stack, and be able to use it like a spreadsheet.  I can find no doc pertaining to using table fields like this.  Is this possible? 

2) I'm trying to learn how to get the data to enter separate cells within the table field.  Any given quiz might have 10 to 60 items.  There will probably be 10-12 quizzes. It seems to me like a better idea for each quiz to have it's own field/file.

3) Or am I better off using separate tab-delimited fields for each item/variable?  Or a custom property?  The end intent is to be able to copy and paste into Excel, and then to a stats package.

Thank you for any help or guidance,  


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