Comparing two versions of a RunRev app

graham samuel graham.samuel at
Sun Feb 5 14:56:24 EST 2006

Given the well-known limitation of RR in that stack names are not  
fully scoped but have to be unique within the whole IDE, how would I  
set about comparing two versions of an app containing a mainstack and  
several substacks? My main idea would be to compare versions of  
scripts, but I'd also like to do a visual comparison of cards etc. To  
clarify the idea, suppose I have a stack and substacks like


and I have two .rev files, each with a different version of the app,  
say the latest, which has shown itself to be a bit flaky, and an  
older one, which was stable but lacked certain functionality. I want  
to look at the differences between the two, and maybe transfer some  
code or controls from one to the other. To effect ANY comparison, I  
want to have two versions of each stack and substack in the machine  
at the same time, but this isn't possible.

Has anyone any suggestions about how to do the comparisons?


Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK and France

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