Assist a Newbee

David Mendriski djdrisk at
Sun Feb 5 13:20:49 EST 2006

Hi all,

My first attempt to make my application available to friends was a  
disaster.  I wrote my app on an IMac and it looks  and works great  
there.  I offered the app with the player for PCs to my friends. On  
the PC the cursor only appears outside of the app window, although  
the buttons hilite when the "invisible" cursor passes over them.  The  
font size became miniscule on the PC altho it was set to 18 points on  
my IMac.  Even on MY computer I had bad luck creating a Menubar.  The  
scripted items "File" and "Help" hilite when clicked on but do not  
drop down to reveal the choices in them.  They appear on the  
application itself if the selection to make compatible with Macintosh  
is NOT selected.  If that selection is made, they replace  
Revolution's menubar items but do not open.  I'm lost. I must be  
doing something terribly wrong.  I pray that some kind soul will  
please advise me on these issues.  They seem so much simpler to  
resolve than the other issues I read about here.  I have volume one  
of Dan Shafewr's book REVOLUTION but I believe he abandoned the  
project before completed the next two volumes.  Any recommendations  
on reading to learn more?


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