how to click at a link in a handler

André.Bisseret Andre.Bisseret at
Thu Feb 2 13:03:02 EST 2006

Hi !
  In a substack, I have a button "Search" that, starting from keywords,  
searches for a subset of cards in the main stack.
Then, it put the found list of cards in a field of the substack. Each 
card (say, its short name) on one line, set as link.
When clicking such a link,  the user is sent to the corresponding card 
in the mainStack.

At the end of the script, in order to show immediately the first found 
card, I would like to click automatically, in place of the user, on the 
first link of the list.
I tried this 2 statements :

find line 1 of fld "FoundCards"
  click at the foundLoc

When they are in the script, It does what I want (the right card 
appears) but I get the error "click: expression is not a point" !??

Meanwhile, if I try exactly the same 2 statements in the message box, 
it works well !!!

Thanks in advance for any explanation and help !

best regards

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