Rob Cozens rcozens at
Thu Feb 2 11:48:37 EST 2006

Hi Bob,

> I have a substack to create a menubar. Its card  consists of a group 
> of 14 menu btns
> each with their own icon ids and names. The size of the group is the 
> same as the size of the stack (800/45).  The stack doesn't have a 
> menubar of its own.
> [snip]
> Upon creating a standalone, only the btn names appear but  clicking on 
> a btn name,
> the icon appears with it's btn name.

I presume the icon images reside in the substack (Y/N?).

When does the standalone main stack explicitly open the substack?

What happens if the following handler is in the substack stack script?:

	on preOpenStack
		repeat with x = 1 to the number of buttons
			set the icon of button x to (the icon of button x)
		end repeat
	end preOpenStack

Rob Cozens, CCW
Serendipity Software Company

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-- Rev. Jessie Jackson

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