Robert Presender rpresender at
Thu Feb 2 11:16:22 EST 2006

It has me stumped. Using OS 10.3.9, Rev 2.5.1

I have a substack to create a menubar. Its card  consists of a group of 
14 menu btns
each with their own icon ids and names. The size of the group is the 
same as the size of the stack (800/45).  The stack doesn't have a 
menubar of its own.

Upon opening, the stack's rect is set to 0,0,800,45 and loc set to 
Everything works fine in browse, pointer and suspend development tools 

Upon creating a standalone, only the btn names appear but  clicking on 
a btn name,
the icon appears with it's btn name.

As a test, I did the same as above but used only a group of the icons 
(no btns or names). All was OK in the test standalone.

I also tried using using a plain btn with its icon. Didn't work in a 
standalone.  Just the name again.

Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks.

Regards ... Bob

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