formatForPrinting Again!

Jonathan Lynch jonathandlynch at
Wed Feb 1 09:08:35 CST 2006

Three suggestions...

1) Expand upon Chipp's idea. Set the right margin of the field to 20, 30 or
whatever it takes.

2) I have a printing script that is very complicated, but sometimes works.
What is does is goes through each field, and substitutes a group for that
field. Then, for each letter in the original field, it creates a field just
for that letter, in the exact same location as the letter. There are many
nuances to it, but it seems to work pretty well. This process forces each
letter to be in the same exact spot as on the screen. The risk to this
process is that if the printing font is sufficiently wider than the screen
font, it will cause the letters to be so scrunched together that some
letters overlap with others.

3) Change the font size of your field when you print. There is going to be
ratio for each font of screen width to printing width. Figure out the ratio
(by experimenting) of the font you are using. When you create your printing
stack, set the font size of the field to the appropriately scaled down size
to fit properly when printed. If you have different font sizes in the field,
then you will have to use a script that goes through each character,
determines its effective font size, then sets the font size of that
character to the scaled down font size.

I think #3 will be your best solution. If you wish to try #2, I will be
happy to send you the script. I would also be happy to help you create the
script for #3, if you send me the stack you are working with.

Take care,


On 2/1/06, J. Landman Gay <jacque at> wrote:
> Timothy Due wrote:
> > Hi Chipp,
> >
> > Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately still no luck. With
> > formatForPrinting on the text still wraps earlier than it does on
> > screen, causing words at the bottom of the field to fall off the page.
> > Similarly, with formatForPrinting off, although vertically all the lines
> > fit, I'm still getting words cut off at the end of lines on the print
> out.
> >
> > Any other ideas, anyone?
> Windows printing fonts are usually wider than their on-screen fonts,
> which is why the wrap is changing. Try setting the right margin of the
> field to 0 when formatForPrinting is true and see if that stops the
> extra wrapping. You may also need to set the printMargins so that the
> right margin is smaller; for example, set printMargins to "72,72,30,72".
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