[ANN] RevOnRockets Web Development educational Package! Happy 2007 everyone.

Dan Shafer dan at shafermedia.com
Sun Dec 31 15:54:36 EST 2006


Congratulations! I know you've spent a HUGE amount of time, thought and
energy (and probably coffee) on this project. I've downloaded it and will
begin poking at it today.

Go have a beer on me (send me the bill.)



On 12/31/06, Andre Garzia <soapdog at mac.com> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> it is with imense happyness that I make available what I came to call
> RevOnRockets package. This package is a bundle of a web server,
> libraries and demos, everyting in 100% transcript.
> The objective is to help the aspiring web developer (and the seasoned
> one) to create their web applications, the RevHTTP server runs inside
> the Revolution IDE and is able to run text file based cgis as well as
> serve files, this alone enables everyone to develop for the web from
> inside rev, using the debugger!!! Develop and Test your CGIs from
> inside revolution!
> This is of course freeware with source. All code is commented,
> specially the webserver code. I give this to this wonderful community
> as a token of gratitude for all the years that everyone and his dog
> helped me!
> What is included:
>         * RevHTTP - 100% transcript web server with new features and
> cleaner
> code.
>         * EasyCGI Core library - a simple library for building text file
> cgis.
>         * EasySessions - a simple library for session management.
>         * EasyDebug - a error report tool for CGIs.
>         * libCGI compatibilty functions - RevHTTP has a compatible API
> that
> allows libCGI based apps to run inside it.
>         * Demos for all libraries and even AJAX demos!!!
> More documentation is expected as time goes. The demos and the
> libraries will also have updates. Right now they are very bare but I
> do like them and use them everyday.
> Have I mentioned that I commented my code yet?
> ALL FREE!!!! license is: cannot-blame-the-brazilian-guy-if-it-
> explodes-public-license 1.0
> Have fun! file is here http://andregarzia.com/RevHTTP.zip
> Launch http.rev and click start!
> happy 2007 everyone
> Cheers
> andre
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