Trevor's Recipe project

Jim Schaubeck schaubeck at
Fri Dec 29 20:16:41 EST 2006

Has anyone used the recipes project with MySQL?

I use MySQL 5 on OSX 10.4 as the MySQL Server with Navicat (seems to work fine).  I created and imported a quick .txt file using the "bar" (|) as the delimiter.  It loads fine and I can build a RunRev project with Database Query Builder to access and change the data.  I do rthis from a Windows XP laptop (where the RunRev is).  Looking through the threads here I gather that the Query Builder is not exactly the way to go but to use Trevor's Library.  (Thanks Trevor and Sarah for the pointer)  So, I downloaded it and am trying the "recipes" database project but can not get it working.  I feel that once I get it working, I can start adjusting and learning more from it.

Can someone give me pointers.  What's the trick to properly loading and running the "recipes" database?


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