Unusual Problem

Phil Davis revdev at pdslabs.net
Thu Dec 28 12:55:04 CST 2006

Hi Charles -

Total shots in the dark:

- try using 'the effective menuHistory of...' when you're getting it (not when 
setting it) and see if you get different results

- try using 'the label' or 'the effective label' of your option menus instead of 
'the menuHistory'

Phil Davis

Charles Szasz wrote:
> Mark,
> I tried your suggestion of
> select line lineOffset(item 1 of tDate, btn "optionmenu") of btn
> "optionmenu"
> to
> get lineOffset(item 1 of tDate,btn "optionmenu")
> set the menuhistory of btn "optionmenu" to it
> but I am still getting the same results. Any other suggestions?
> Charles Szasz
> cszasz at mac.com

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