Stack loaded into memory message?

Ken Ray kray at
Wed Dec 27 14:16:36 EST 2006

>  copy group 1 of stack "Tree" to wherever
> or the equivalent (actually lots of stuff happens behind the  
> scenes). The
> stack "Tree" does not need to be "open" or loaded into memory - it  
> just gets
> automatically loaded which is great.
> Now the catch is that as some of these "views" are complex - they  
> rely on a
> library - so that multile copies can all refer to the same library.  
> What I
> would like to be able to do is to automatically load this library  
> when the
> stack "Tree" gets loaded into memory.

Can you trap the "newGroup" message, which would be sent right after  
the "copy group 1" command was issued? Maybe that will work for you...

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