Bugzilla down - Revzilla loses its mind

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at barncard.com
Sat Dec 23 08:42:39 EST 2006


Would you please address the issue about exposed email addresses in 
the bug system? This more important to me than the quality of the new 
interface. If people get spammed for posting a bug, that is going to 
cut into the effectiveness of the bug reporting system if they don't 
want to be exposed.

I use special addresses for everything I do for reasons I posted 
earlier. I'd rather not have to change my special Rev email again and 
again - it's a hassle because it has to be changed in several places 
- for the official contact for rev, for two mail lists, the forum, 
Revolution Online and the bug reporting system.

I've plugged up most of my other mail problems, so now my 
close-to-the-chest rev address (the one I use for this list) is now 
the most-received spam magnet.

>I hope you'll just chalk that up to holiday craziness.

stephen barncard
s a n  f r a n c i s c o
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