Importance of uninstalling previous Rev. versions ????

Kresten Bjerg Kresten.Bjerg at
Fri Dec 22 20:16:53 EST 2006

Having a lot of trouble with disappearing (submerging) ask and answer
dialogues on Windows with studio 2.7.1, (with an old Rev 2.6.1 not
explcitly uninstalled).
Anybody had such problems?
in the hope that troubles originated in the rev engine, I now installed
Rev 2.7.4. And found the trouble continues. But also noted, that the
new Rev seemed to remember all the previous stacks only visited in
2.7.1. !!!    So: could Rev 2.7.1. be undermined by the old 2.6.1 ?  And
2.7.4 be undermined by the not uninstalled 2.7.1.
As 2.7.1 has an Uninstaller, can I use that after having installed
without having to re-install 2.7.4 ?  And: Can 2.6.1 create problems,
as no uninstaller exists for it.
I fail to find information about these matters in the documentation.
So one is ignorant of whether elements are placed outside the 
proper Rev folder.

(None of these problems have appeared in the mac versions)

Kresten Bjerg 

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