Have a passport, will travel.

Andre Garzia soapdog at mac.com
Fri Dec 22 16:58:17 EST 2006

Dan, Chipp, Folks,

I've just read all the emails about conferences here on the list. I  
think I am the only one in this list that went to all conferences. I  
went to RMS, RevConWest, E.R.C and RevCon Malta and those conferences  
changed my life. When I first went  to Monterey, my life was a mess.  
I was coursing the film school after ejecting myself from  
engineering, I just became a single man. I had just entered the  
Revolution community and was trying out some network programming.  
Till the Revolution Masters Sumit, I was just as confused as any  
newbie here. It was being there, talking to such wonderful people  
such as Dan, Chipp and Richard that changed everything to me. As the  
conferences went, my path went ever forward. Thanks to those talks  
and meetings, I was able to make the decisions that led me to where I  
am now.

After each time I was in Monterey, I went back to Brazil with a sense  
of purpose, of belonging to a nice community, with plans!!! Some  
might remember RevCon West and the other conferences simply as a nice  
time with some geeks but for me it's a very englighting and life  
changing experience. I am now 26-years-old, when I first tavelled to  
Monterey, I was 24 and my ideas about what how to form my business  
and what model I'd like to follow. Talking to industry experts was a  
invaluable resource for me. There I made friends and business  
contacts that will last for a lifetime. I can really talk about my  
life before the conferences and after them. I am not only talking  
about the Monterey one but also the wonderful experiences in Malta.  
Sims and Cloe know me better than many and I thank them everyday for  
the wonderful days there.

I am really sad for not having RevCon West anymore, for many was a  
simple gathering but I for one, looked forward the whole year for  
that conference to happen, it was more than a conference to me, it  
was a chance to meet some people that I knew only for the times new  
roman in their emails. It was a chance to talk and have a drink with  
friends that I meet only once per year.

I'll miss meeting everyone by the pacific.
I'll miss the fisherman wharf, I'll miss walking in calm monterey  

I just wanted to thank Dan and Chipp for a wonderful ride that  
changed my life.


PS: I'll miss the clam chowder

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