What's Up With RevCon West?

Josh Mellicker josh at dvcreators.net
Thu Dec 21 21:44:44 EST 2006

Hi Dan & Chipp and everyone,

If you (or anyone) wish to hold a Revolution event in LA, I would  
cover the upfront expenses of the venue, probably LA Convention  
Center, monster projector and screen, great sound system, donate  
video gear for taping (again), do some co-co-ordination, etc.

We are event experts, we've put on about 1500 events of various kinds  
in the last 7 years, and have all systems in place, from registration  
to name badges, etc.

Also, FYI, for groups of 50 or less, we have a seminar room in Santa  
Monica, and a hands-on training room with 10 workstations as well.

Just wanted to make everyone aware of these resources if they might  
come in handy for "the cause".


On Dec 21, 2006, at 9:43 AM, Dan Shafer wrote:

> By now, you've probably seen the quasi-announcement from RunRev  
> that they
> are planning some sort of conference activity this year. It may (or  
> may not)
> have occurred to you to wonder what that means for RevCon West in  
> Monterey.
> Chipp and I took a long, hard look at RevCon after the last show  
> and decided
> not to hold it, at least this year. There were a lot of reasons, some
> financial, some personal, some work related, and some driving from the
> feeling tha we weren't serving a very broad community need with our
> offering. We had not decided whether we would pick up the  
> conference again
> in 2008, perhaps at a different location (though everyone who has  
> attended
> has been consistent in urging us to keep it in Monterey).
> As soon as we had decided to cancel this year's show, we notified  
> Kevin and
> Lynn at RunRev. We did not want to announce our decision in a way  
> that could
> harm the community's perception of the ongoing value we place on the
> technology. They asked us to hold off until they could make their own
> conference plans clearer. That was the first we'd heard that they were
> planning to do a (potentially competitive) conference this year and it
> further reinforced our decision. Obviously this community is not large
> enough to make multiple multi-day conferences profitable in the  
> U.S. We
> agreed, somewhat reluctantly because we really felt our primary  
> obligation
> was to you, the members of this outstanding community, to hold off  
> on our
> announcement so we could all effect an orderly transition.
> The mention yesterday of RR's intent to do something in the  
> conference space
> rendered that delay no longer operable.
> So now you know. No RevCon West next year. If RR goes ahead with  
> its own
> conference, that will probably effectively kill RevCon West for  
> future years
> as well.
> It was fun.
> Dan
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