Answer Folder Breaking on Long Folder names in OSX --Help!

Sivakatirswami katir at
Thu Dec 21 16:46:35 EST 2006

Panic over... I found it:

FUNCTION stsLongFilePath pPath
   SWITCH (the platform)
   CASE "MacOS"  -- assumes OS X
     put "set tPath to" && quote & pPath & quote & cr & \
         "set tPath to (POSIX file tPath) as string" & cr & \
         "POSIX path of tPath" into tScript
     do tScript as "AppleScript"
     return (char 2 to -2 of the result)  -- strips quotes
   CASE "Win32"
     return the longfilepath of pPath
END stsLongFilePath

now stored in my trusty "Scripter's Scrapbook"
  where I found another, more complex
raw function for this same duty.

Sivakatirswami wrote:
> I've already submitted this as a bug already,
> (#4206 in case you want to vote)
> But rather urgently need a work around.
> Key Ray sent one before for drag and drop.. some PosIx thing..
> And I'm off to see if I find and timplement that for answer folder.
> which is returning hashed strings for long folder names on OSX.
> (2.7.4)
> like:
> /past/2006/December/December_21_2006/ss-10-taka_2006-12-19_mu#4C1E16
> Any solutions?
> TIA!
> Sivakatirswami
> p.s. (mini rant) *really* should get fixed in 2.7.5. Imagine a seasoned 
> or naive
> new user coming and finding this... "Oh my....."
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