Developer's Conference in Vegas?

Lynn Fredricks lynn at
Thu Dec 21 12:18:26 EST 2006

> > Actually Vegas, because of massive subsidies from the 
> casinos, is very 
> > affordable. BUT... Vegas in late summer!?!?!?! Can you say 120° F? 
> > Okay, how about 49°C? April or May, October or November, okay.
> > Vegas in August is hot, crowded, hot, and hot. Did I mention it's 
> > really hot then? :-)

Im going on a fact finding mission along with CES but it hasn’t settled yet.
There are many positives to Las Vegas compared with other venues for a main
event, even in August.

1. Cost for Location. It is inexpensive to get to LV from most locations in
North America and rooms can be much cheaper as well. Preliminary looks at
room rates are about what I paid at Travelodge in Monterey, and that’s not
even looking at the bargain locations.

2. Timing. Sure, its hot - but mostly its indoors in an air conditioned
building. It is only crowded if you go to crowded places at the busiest of
times. August is right since it allows teachers and students to be there.

3. Vacation. I used to regularly attend COMDEX and would bring my family.
There are plenty of fun things for them to do - plenty of non-gambling -
magic shows, various hotel events, Star Trek The Experience (which is short
but very fun) - plus others.

Im keeping an open mind for other venues. I REALLY like SF and locations
like LA, both of which have great airport access (esp from the west coast)
but unfortunately often do have expensive venue costs. If you KNOW of a
reasonably priced venue in SF or LA - by all means send them my way ASAP -
Moscone Center and many hotel venues in SF are extremely expensive, so if
you have favorites, please qualify them first.

Something Ive also discussed with Richard and others are one day events
(could be longer) in different regions in addition to a main event. Id like
to put one together here in the Northwest especially and I know there is
significant interest in and around LA - heck, Jeanne, Phil Davis and I are
all together just in the greater Portland area :-)

Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
Worldwide Business Operations
Runtime Revolution, Ltd

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