Unicode text for buttons, etc

Carly J. Born cborn at carleton.edu
Wed Dec 20 10:11:28 EST 2006

I'm new to using RunRev and so forgive me if this has been covered in  
a previous thread.

I'm looking for a method of delivering what will potentially become a  
digital foreign language textbook, for which I need full Unicode  
support.  I'm playing with the trial version and am having a hard  
time getting Unicode to 'stick' in simple button labels.  Sometimes  
the characters stick (after retyping a few times) and sometimes I  
just can get them to stay and get jumbled up.

My questions are:
  -  is there a way to set the default font of the entire stack  
during development? (the setting I found also doesn't seem to stick)
-  is Unicode reliably usable within the authoring environment? (I've  
seen a few references to calling unicode text files, is that the only  
-  Do you have any recommendations for working with unicode foreign  
languages in RunRev?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Foreign Language Technology

Carly J. Born
Academic Computing Coordinator for Foreign Languages & Literature
Carleton College | 507-646-7010 | cborn at carleton.edu

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