[OT] Fun with icons on Linux

Robert John Warren bobwarren at howsoft.com
Wed Dec 20 09:46:41 EST 2006

Richmond Mathewson wrote:

>For what its worth - my few thoughts:

1. Microsoft Windows has, for better or worse,
successfully dominated the desktop market.

2. Linux, being a diffuse, amorphous "thing" (unlike a
tightly centred organisation like Microsoft) has not
pumped big bucks into an advertising campaign to put
some of the myths promoted by Microsoft in

3. People are suspicious of a free lunch.

4. Runtime Revolution for Linux is not up to scratch.
But why would a commercial organisation bother to
invest vast amounts of effort in developing something
for an operating system that is largely used by
"wierdos" with no financial clout? The answer to this
is rather like the answer I recieved when I queried a
version of Runtime Revolution for RISC OS - nothing at
all, because anybody with a few more business-like
braincells than me would have realised that nobody was
going to buy it.

My feeling about this is that if you want to develop
childish language teaching tools for Linux (which is
what I do) then RR is absolutely super - and the
Novell 2.2.1 version suffices.

But if you want to develop the sort of more
sophisticated stuff that other people are developing
with RR for Mac and Windows on Linux you should use a
different RAD, or, perish the thought, an
"old-fashioned" computer language.

Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks for that.
The only problem about terminating one's love-affair with Rev/Linux, though, is the fact that the other RAD tools are not yet up to scratch for the production of normal commercial level products either. Very frustrating! However, Rebol, Ruby and Gambas among others are making great strides. As usual, we will have to WAIT and see!

Bob Warren

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