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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue Dec 19 23:15:07 EST 2006

Brad Sampson wrote:
> I am having a problem.  I am using the playSelection property because
> I want my movie to end at the endTime.  However, the playStopped
> message doesn't seem to be sent.  What is the problem?  Is there a way
> to make it be sent, or do I have to use a repeat loop that constantly
> checks if the currentTime is past the endTime?

See "bug":


When a selection is set, you get a "playPaused" message instead of a 

I've seen the same problem when NO selection is set, though. If I 
remember right, it works okay in Windows but playStopped isn't sent in 
OS X. I ended up having to run a "send in <time>" command every few 
milliseconds to determine if the movie was done. The handler checks the 
currentTime against the duration, and if they are the same, the movie is 
finished. I used this method when bug #1033 hit me, which was mostly 
fixed later on.

There's something wonky about the player in OS X though. When I use this 
looping technique, if I click near the end of the movie and then let it 
play the remaining few seconds to completion, Rev tells me that the 
duration of the movie and the currentTime of the movie are the same. But 
if I drag the controller all the way to the end manually, Rev says the 
currentTime and the duration are not the same.

This is probably related to bug #2283, which RR couldn't reproduce. But 
it hit me again just yesterday.

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