Giant File Uploads With Rev CGI

Andre Garzia soapdog at
Mon Dec 18 08:27:11 EST 2006


The code for processing "file" uploads is different. We can't use the  
routines we normally use to split stdin. It's a mime enclosure. maybe  
that's what is getting the array wrong.
I have the routines in a library if you want, and they are working  
for me. I'll setup a little demo of file and text upload and then you  
can just change it to suit our needs.


On Dec 18, 2006, at 12:05 AM, Sivakatirswami wrote:

> This is a call for comments, guidance, best practice advice,  
> "gotchas" to
> watch out for etc. for large file uploads by general users to a web  
> server.
>  I don't think we well do anything big, like youTube of Flicker, but
> I still need the same user friendly upload facility for "naive"  
> users who
> know nothing about FTP. As we are moving forward with
> "Rich Media" development and we want to open a pipeline for
> people to easily send us video and sound files.
> I see Google is Distributing it's own standalone app for uploading  
> video.
> Of course we have the hold html form upload file option too,
> which I would use on a .htaccess protected page.
> <form enctype="multipart/form-data" method=post action=/cgi-bin/ 
> acceptUploads.cgi>
>   Enter filename of the video to upload:
>   <input type=file size=36 name=file><br>
>  <input type=submit value="Upload file">
> </form>
> with a Revolution back end CGI to save the data.
> The form will also  need to  have the usual info to
> attend any upload:
> email: _____
> Name: ______
> Description of media being upload. (text area)
> My experience so far with Rev CGI has been good, but limited
> to small amounts of data from form input fields, rarely longer than  
> 150 chars
> in a comment field of something like a guestbook form.
> I *did* have some problem with tests to try pasting large amts of text
> into an input textarea field (like a long text article submitted by  
> a reporter)
>  ... the text got truncated.
> But I'm not sure the blame for that can be placed on the Revolution  
> CGI.
> You all know the drill: we simply split the urlDecoded data into a  
> little array and take it from there.
> I'm not sure that model work for receiving large binary http POST  
> uploads.
> Is anyone already doing this successfully with Rev CGI?  Can share  
> your
>  html form and CGI code that works? (we could be accepting uploads
> as big as 100 meg video files....)
> We are running Rev 2.6 on Linux Fedora Core 3 on web server at the  
> moment.
> Sivakatirswami
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