Problem with slow opening of standalones on Windows

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Dec 17 23:01:19 EST 2006

Stgoldberg at wrote:
> I know this issue has been raised in the past, but bring it up once more with 
> the hope that someone may have a resolution.   The problem is that after 
> using my Mac to create a standalone and then transferring the Windows standalone 
> version to a Windows computer, the intial opening screen may open in a 
> reasonable time, but on trying to go to the next card with a simple "Go Next" command, 
> there is a significant delay in going to that card.   After going to that 
> second card, the program performs quickly in going from card to card.   Why is 
> there this delay and how can it be avoided?
> It doesn't seen related to whether or not there are any substacks, since the 
> problem exists when there are no substacks and also exists when the size of 
> the stack is relatively small.
> It has been suggested that perhaps it takes some time for the program to 
> fully load.   However, I tried the following unsuccessfully:
> a. I tried waiting some time before clicking on the "Go Next" button, but 
> there still was a delay in going to that second card.
> b.   Considering that there may be a delay in loading the program fully until 
> one makes the move to that second card, I wrote the following script:
> On openStack
> set lockscreen to true
> go next
> go prev
> set lockscreen to false
> end openStack
> However, the delay persists.   Any ideas?   Thanks.

What's on card 2? Big movie, or image? It might take a long time to load 
if you have it set to always buffer. And if the screen is locked when 
you first go there, it won't load at all because it isn't displayed (at 
least, that's true for images. Not sure about movies, but I suspect it 
would be the same.) One test would be to try going immediately to a card 
you know has little content on it. If that happens quickly, but going to 
card 2 still happens slowly, then something about the content in card 2 
is hanging things up.

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