Wanted: Ideas to over-size pointer& Insertionbar tools for demo

Kresten Bjerg Kresten.Bjerg at psy.ku.dk
Sun Dec 17 22:16:24 EST 2006

Trying to develop a demovideo  of complicated program.
Found that the movements of the mousepointer, 
as swift as their natural use would be
and shifts to the insertionbars' arrival and movement in textfield
became almost impossible  for novices to recognize, find and follow.
So for that purpose, I would like to produce the demo-video or slides with
e.g. at fat red oversize pointing finger/hand instead of the discrete
arrow, and a much more attention-drawing insertion-bar, perhaps also
I would be happy, if anybody could offer solutions for this.

Thanks to the list, for extremely useful replies to earlier questions

Kresten Bjerg

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