Problem with BinaryEncode and variable params

Mark Smith mark at
Sun Dec 17 19:48:52 EST 2006

Bryan, on my system, (Rev 2.7.4, Mac OS X 10.4.7, Pbook G4)

on mouseUp
   put 12 into c1
   put 121 into c2
   put 76 into c3
   put binaryEncode("CCCC",0,c1,c2,c3) into tBin

   put empty into b0
   put empty into b1
   put empty into b2
   put empty into b3
   get binaryDecode("CCCC",tBin,b0,b1,b2,b3)
   put b0 && b1 && b2 && b3
end mouseUp

puts "0 12 121 76" into the message box, without any error, exactly  
as you'd expect....

So I'm as baffled as you are, I'm afraid.

I don't really consider the numToChar method a workaround, it's just  
how I have usually dealt with manipulating imageData.



On 17 Dec 2006, at 16:12, Bryan McCormick wrote:

> Mark,
> Thanks for the work around, however it would be nice if we could  
> get to the bottom of this and figure out why binaryEncode isn't  
> taking the variable as it should. It ought to work, there are  
> examples out there which did work seemingly in the past using this  
> method.
> To be clear it is binaryEncode which is throwing the error of  
> "wrong data type". See previous first post where it is pretty clear  
> that binaryEncode should be seeing the vars as numbers.
> Thanks all.
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