Protecting key data

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Dec 16 10:57:14 EST 2006

Richard Miller wrote:

> Seems one route is to put the IP address into the script of some  
> object in the main stack. This way, there's no way to get at it  
> without the password. But it becomes a bit of a pain to reference  
> that IP throughout the application, other than the long way (put the  
> script of object x of cd x of stack x.....).
> Is there a better approach?

Using the built-in script encryption isn't bad, but if you need 
something especially strong why not use Rev's encryption library?  With 
Blowfish and other industrial-strength algos available, it should more 
than cover what you need.

If lightweight encryption is sufficient, the fwPack and fwUnpack 
handlers here are very easy to use, if not particularly strong:


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