Protecting key data

Richard Miller wow at
Sat Dec 16 08:57:23 EST 2006

I'm wondering what folks are doing to protect certain key pieces of  
data in a stack from unauthorized use. More specifically:

We're doing a lot of file transferring from our applications (which  
could be on any customer's computer) to and from our server. Hence,  
the IP address (and password) of our server needs to be in those  
applications. We need to protect that information.

We're already setting the password of the main stack, so its script  
data is encrypted. But this main stack has more than 50 sub-stacks,  
and unless a password is set for every one of those stacks (which may  
be necessary), anyone can see the scripts of those stacks. So it  
would appear necessary to set a password for every substack that  
contains important data.

A bigger problem is that we're putting the IP info into a global  
variable so it can be accessed throughout the application. That IP  
address is currently contained in a custom property in the main  
stack, which.... even though it is password protected... can be  
easily accessed through the message box, even before the password is  
entered. No security there.

Seems one route is to put the IP address into the script of some  
object in the main stack. This way, there's no way to get at it  
without the password. But it becomes a bit of a pain to reference  
that IP throughout the application, other than the long way (put the  
script of object x of cd x of stack x.....).

Is there a better approach?

Richard Miller
Imprinter Technologies

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