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Wed Dec 13 12:27:23 EST 2006


We use the Elo infrared touch screen technology (they call it  
CarrollTouch). We've tried many variations from numerous  
manufacturers. This infrared technology is very flexible, accepting  
stylus or finger touch, and can be easily adapted to different LCD's.  
On the LCD front, we use the Landmark sun-readable screens  
( They are the brightest and best LCD's for the  
money. Sunlight has little or no effect on their readability.

Everything we do in terms of our kiosks is driven by Rev. We  
currently run under Windows, but there are Mac drivers available for  
the Elo controller boards and they work fine (we've tested them).

You can contact me offline if you want any additional information in  
terms of hardware (sound enhancement, credit card processing, power  
requirements, long-distance wireless options, etc.).

Richard Miller
Imprinter Technologies

On Dec 13, 2006, at 11:35 AM, David Brooks wrote:

> Any information prior about touchscreen hardware experience will be  
> appreciated.
> The task is to create four interactive centers at a local zoo where  
> children will make observations of animals and make choices based  
> upon those observations.
> Our plan is to run this with RunRev on Mac Minis, and to access  
> (service) those computers using either bluetooth or rf mice and  
> keyboards. The users will access only through screen touches.
> Essentially the entire Zoo audience is aged 18 months to 9 years  
> plus mommies and daddies. We are expecting serious wear and tear.
> Thanks in advance for any information or advice.
> Dave Brooks
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