Multi-standalone communication

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Tue Dec 12 10:51:33 EST 2006

I wish to apologise for my recent post which turned out to be, although
correct in it's very general gist, more than misleading in some of the
examples I gave. I offer the following as my excuse:

1) I was using a hotel business centre computer (my Rev loaded laptop not
available) and so wrote purely from memory - bad move.

2) Yes, I'm only a Mac user so I didn't appreciate that my example wouldn't
work for other platforms.

3) Yes, I'm a HC user from way back, so again some of the features that I
used in HC that have thoughtfully been included in Rev I didn't appreciate
didn't make it to xplatform.

4) Reusable code. It's been so long ago since I converted my HC stacks and
created a little code snippet that helps me put together the 'commands/data'
that I want to send to other Standalones that I completely forgot that it
used the specific 'send to application' command, not the simple 'send' that
I mentioned in my post.


In an attempt to correct this error, and more for the newbies or hobbyists,
I wanted to upload to My User Space two standalones that demonstrated how
easy it is to get two Mac standalones to talk to each other using 'send to
application'. Unfortunately it appears that Revolution Online only allows
stacks to be uploaded and not standalones.

Is it possible to upload standalones, and if so, how?


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