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Shari wrote:
> I've been approached by someone who desires a specially branded 
> version of my software, Blackjack Gold.  Are any of you doing this, 
> and if so, how are you handling all the ins, outs, and monies?

I've made two co-branded versions of one of my wares, but in both cases 
I remain the sole distributor.  I charge nothing to the other companies, 
but coordinate marketing with them and help them promote the co-branded 
version at their site.  I get new customers, they get a software product 
in their portfolio, and the dividing lines between us remain clear 
enough that we're both very happy.

Your situation sounds more complex:

> Blackjack Gold is currently shareware, which in itself creates an 
> issue, as his version would need to be very particularly created with 
> a completely different registration system.
> He wants some minor changes to the software itself.  And wants to 
> release his own brand of it as a demo, with the additional 
> possibility of a web version (I'm not even qualified to create it as 
> a web version), or as a version that casinos can distribute to their 
> players for home play/practice.
> Whereas the initial works involved are fairly minor, the potentials 
> he is hoping for could be major.
> For example, a CD version of the game in his brand, without my piracy 
> protections, distributed for free by casinos, would presumably kill 
> my software sales of my own brand.

Indeed it would. Where's the upside for you?  What does this company 
bring to the table to make it worth your while?

Is it unquestionably worth more than your lost sales?

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