Richmond Mathewson geradamas at
Sun Dec 10 07:14:47 EST 2006

Funny, I thought that 'Branding' was strictly for
Cattle in corny Western movies :)

Seriously; I have been approached by various 'types'
to do the same sort of thing (admittedly on a smaller
scale) - the latest being a Professor of Medicine at
Plovdiv (Bulgaria) Medical Faculty who wants me to
provide him with a do-it-yourself Multiple Choice
Questionnaire builder (which, as such, is a day's
work) for $10 - with a load of guff glorifying his

I have told him that I will "knock out" MCQ tester
standalones for each of his student quizzes at $5 a
pop for the very simple reason that I would rather
have $5 a month than $10 once. Also, I had a sneaky
feeling the chap was going to start rolling out quiz
programs for other clients of mine at a cheaper price.

I wouldn't touch the bloke in the shades, fedora hat
and a loudspeaker playing music from the Godfather
with a barge-pole as all he is doing is offering you a
quick buck so he can, later, put you out of business
and rake in the shekels himself.

No need for this to go privately; I have nothing to
hide re my opinion here.

The small developer should never, never, get bulldozed
by the heavy guys.

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson


"Its time to do Philosophy and stop worrying about what dead men said."
                                                                                           Mathewson 2006

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