Multi-standalone communication

Viktoras Didziulis viktoras at
Sat Dec 9 16:15:50 EST 2006

I tried put "test_foo" into $FOO from within one instance of Revolution, 
then answer $FOO from within another. Answer is empty. Documentation also 
says that on Windows $ can be used to read parameters passed in a command 
line... While on Unix and MacOS this should modify environment variable... 
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From: J. Landman Gay 
Date: 12/9/2006 10:42:05 PM 
To: How to use Revolution 
Subject: Re: Multi-standalone communication 
Viktoras Didziulis wrote: 
> Unfortunately this does not work on Windows :-( only on MacOS and Unixes..

I just tried it on WinXP and it worked here. From the message box: 
put "test string" into $foo 
When I look in the variable watcher, I see the variable and its 
contents. I didn't try a shell command though. 
> Viktoras 
>> You can already set environment variables. Here is a quote from one of 
>> Mark Waddingham's posts: 
>> You can both read and write to shell variables in Revolution. So the 
>> following: 
>> put foo into $FOO 
>> put shell("echo $FOO") 
>> Results in what you would expect in the message-box :o) 
>> This seems like an easy way to do it. 
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